Monday, 18 March 2013

Pickles' Parking Practicalities

Eric Pickles' suggestion that car users should be "let off" parking fines for "only" stopping for 10 minutes has naturally been derided by the cycling community, together with many others who have an interest in maintaining quality urban environments.

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  1. yes.

    Have a listen to this - San Fran are implementing a variable demand led pricing street scheme across the city. Sounds spot on.

    Meanwhile it sounds like U.S. local government workers get access all areas parking passes. I can't see Pickles going for that somehow!

  2. He is totally missing the point of double yellow lines; they exist to prevent cars from parking in spot where they would cause an obstruction or danger to other people. An obstruction is an obstruction; whether it is there for fifteen minutes or fifteen hours.
    A few days ago two delivery vans decided to park on double yellow lines right next to the Dovehouse Parade junction (, cue an articulated lorry having to mount the central reservation to get past. Luckily the lorry passed without damaging anything, but it just goes to show that the lines are not there just for the fun of it.
    Double yellow lines are absolutely NOT there to try and profit from motorists. It is a personal choice to park illegally and people who do should expect to be punished for it.